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Key Management

Providing a sovereign secure key generation and management capability

Key Features:

  • Produces Pre Shared Keys for network authentication
  • Dual Government Grade hardware random number generators
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Secure backup capability
  • Integrated with COTS database technology for key storage
  • Provides extensive auditing capability

Forming part of the CATAPAN Global family, the CATAPAN Global Key Management System (KMS) has been designed to provide customers with an off-the-shelf solution for full key generation and management.

The KMS comprises a bespoke Hardware Security Module (HSM) which incorporates dual Government Grade entropy sources together with an intuitive PC-based management environment incorporating COTS database technology.

To support the network authentication mechanism used by CATAPAN Global encryption devices, Pre Shared Keys (PSKs) are produced encrypted under a Key Encryption Key (KEK) to reduce logistical costs and facilitate secure transport to operational CATAPAN Global devices.

Each KEK or PSK produced by the KMS is unique to a customer and is verified by a Trust Anchor that is specific to the customer. This method assures, to the highest level, the integrity and authentication of the key material.

The KMS provides customers with total control over the design, generation and management of the cryptographic keys ensuring a complete sovereign capability.