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Situational Awareness

Determining an Adversary’s intent

Significant improvements in EW technology in recent years have enabled highly versatile EW systems to reduce their Size, Weight and Power requirements (SWaP), enabling them to be utilised by smaller, lighter and faster platforms.

The reduction in initial and whole life costs, as well as greatly reduced training requirements, has allowed EW assets to be deployed and managed at the tactical level. The increased networking of Tactical EW assets (sensors and effectors) can be used to understand and exploit the EMS to counter threats from a variety of sources.

This joint or combined networked EW capability provides a near-real-time EW element to Military and Civilian Security Forces Situational Awareness. When using L3 TRL’s IEW capability the Commander is able to manage, task and deploy their sensors and effectors to greatest effect.

In an increasingly complex and congested digital battlespace the need to understand, isolate and exploit information on an adversary is increasingly important. To neutralise the threat prior to execution requires responsive and versatile solutions that are adaptive to evolving situations and intelligence needs.

Tactical EW assets give the operational commander the ability to intercept, identify and locate potential targets by enabling the commander to exploit the EMS to determine an adversary’s intent. This combined with other collection assets provides the battlespace picture required to ultimately win the information battle.