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One step ahead

Staying one step ahead of the adversary

In today’s complex security environment the organisation with the greatest understanding of the threat from a potential enemy controls the response required to safeguard life, prevent attacks on critical assets or infrastructure and provide the measured response required to defeat emerging threats as they arise.

The advent of the 21st Century introduced us to a number of new and emerging threats to Homeland Security, Border Security, International Terrorism and Organised Crime. These new threats have required our security forces both military and civil to become more agile and inventive to the methods of collecting intelligence in a complex digitally enhanced environment.

The ability to provide the right level of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) assets to enhance the Situational Awareness of the Commanders and responders is vital to the understanding and interdiction of these threats. Tactical Electronic Warfare (EW) is a key component in the ability to FIND, FIX and EXPLOIT intelligence in the digital battlespace.

EW systems such as Electronic Surveillance (ES) provide the ability to passively Detect, Track, Record and Indentify Communications (Voice and Data) in the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS). Active EW capabilities such as Electronic Attack (EA) have an ability to deny or shape the use of the adversary’s communications and to enhance Force Protection.

In today’s cluttered communication environment, the ability to provide timely, near real-time information of an adversary’s location and intent, through the use of a capable ISR network, is vital to aid the Commanders understanding and decision making.