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Homeland and Border Security

The defence and security of the population is the main priority facing most democratic governments today. The asymmetric threat from internal and international terrorism as well as the threat to the integrity of National Borders by Criminal Organisations involved in the smuggling of narcotics, weapons/explosives and the trafficking of humans requires national security forces to remain one step ahead of their adversary at all times. The provision of timely and accurate intelligence is a major tool in countering this threat and the ability to lawfully intercept an adversary’s voice and data communications means whether by radio, GSM cell phone or satellite phone is key. An integrated EW system provides the ability to intercept and analyse this raw data, turning it into actionable intelligence at a speed and accuracy unavailable until now.

Critical National Infrastructure

The security of a nation’s vital infrastructure and ensuring the unfettered ability of major economies to carry out their legitimate activities is the other priority facing most democratic governments. The ability to move freely by road, rail and air without major disruption, the supply of oil, gas and electricity to power factories and homes and the protection of those vital industries such as banking, manufacturing, communications and power generation are key to all governments. The protection of this Critical National Infrastructure from potential terrorist or insurgent forces relies on Understanding the threat through the provision of timely and accurate intelligence. Oil and gas platforms are particularly vulnerable and are a critical parts of a nation’s infrastructure and economy. The protection of these platforms, relies mainly on early warning of an approaching threat to enable interdiction by naval/marine or security forces. EW can play a vital part of this early warning system, as well as providing a further layer of protection for the platform and crew.

Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime

The increase in domestic and international terrorism over the last 10 years has required security forces, both military and civil, to review their training tactics and procedures and the type of platforms they require to counter this threat. Communications intercept has largely been from ground based assets in the past, but the increased agility of terrorists and the asymmetric nature of this threat has required newer solutions to be deployed. EW assets can now be used from a variety of platforms such as inshore patrol craft to cover the littoral zone, aerial platforms both manned and unmanned, as well as tethered aerial solutions such as balloons or kites. This provides a level of reach and range for tactical systems which was only previously available in larger strategic systems and can be used by both military and government security forces to provide vital early warning of an emerging threat. Good, timely and accurate intelligence is vital to interdicting these threats early and EW has the speed and ability to Find and Fix and potentially Exploit these potential threats at an early juncture.