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Key Features:

  • Passive interception of Thuraya, Inmarsat and IsatPhone Pro networks
  • Interception of up to 32 calls (voice, fax, data and SMS) per unit simultaneously
  • Monitoring of L-band downlinks for local spotbeams
  • Remote operation capability


SMARTSCAN MARLIN is a lightweight , tactical satellite intercept system for the passive monitoring of communications networks as an integral part of an Integrated EW solution as well as linking to a larger strategic system.

Each MARLIN unit can monitor multiple calls simultaneously, recording content and call related information for both the called and calling parties, along with the geographical location. Quickly deployable, MARLIN is suitable for land, maritime and air operations. MARLIN will detect and intercept terminal and call activity within radio line of sight of the deployed system, including voice, fax, data and SMS.

Control of the MARLIN unit is via an intuitive Windows based Graphical User Interface (GUI) that enables the user to display calls in real time, playback voice calls and display fax, SMS and data transmissions via a laptop computer. The system decodes and extracts emails and internet activity in addition to decoding other frequently used protocols. The GUI also enables rapid set-up prior to deployment.

A single MARLIN unit can be used to monitor any one of the 3 satellite networks, providing a cost effective solution that can adapt to suit evolving operational requirements. The user simply switches to the appropriate software and antenna polarisation for the required network. Simultaneous monitoring of all three network services can be achieved using multiple MARLIN units. The MARLIN system is small, portable and lightweight and can be easily transported to the theatre of operation in a discreet single suitcase or heavy duty transit case, accepted by most commercial airlines worldwide.