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Lightweight ECM

BROADSHIELD LCS Active Manpack Jammer

Key Features:

  • Lightest system current available (<2kg)
  • Up to 2 x 10W RF output power
  • Full spectrum range coverage 20MHz – 6GHz (using 2 units)
  • Programmable across full threat spectrum


The BROADSHIELD Lightweight Counter-Measures Suite (LCS) is L3 TRL’s latest generation manpack jammer. Utilising BROADSHIELD MCS technology, the LCS takes Size, Weight & Performance (SWaP) to a new level with its form factor being reduced to a footprint previously unseen in the international market.

LCS provides a highly capable solution to both military and law enforcement agencies, with its size and weight ensuring minimal impact on mission profiles in Special Forces, EOD and Force Protection applications.

Designed to provide uncompromising performance in a compact enclosure, LCS is available in two variants: operating over 20MHz to 520MHz and 420MHz to 6GHz.

As with all BROADSHIELD equipment, the LCS can be rapidly reprogrammed in the field to change jamming waveforms, target frequencies and operating parameters. These settings are stored in a non-volatile memory which is activated automatically whenever the equipment is switched on. Settings can also be rapidly zeroized to erase critical data via a button sequence on the front panel.