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Discreet ECM


Key Features:

  • Variety of vehicle platform installations
  • Fitted covert antennas
  • Targeted jamming
  • Discreet system configuration for C-RCIED and EA


The BROADSHIELD Integrated Discreet System (IDS) is a covert ECM solution designed to deliver discrete capability for C-RCIED and EA.

Based on field proven BROADSHIELD MCS technology, the modular design of IDS enables the system to be installed into a variety of vehicle platforms. This solution is mounted onto a purpose-built plate, which sits either inside the vehicle spare wheel recess, or other load area. Configurations operate on a standard vehicle DC supply, enabling the solution to be installed in most vehicles without the need for power modifications.

By distributing IDS across multiple tactically-placed vehicles within a convoy or motorcade, the user can achieve effective mitigation of the RCIED threat along the convoy route, whilst maintaining a discreet profile. The targeted jamming capability minimises disruption to other RF spectrum users, making it ideal for use in urban areas and a variety of communication filters can be tailored to customer requirements.

As with all BROADSHIELD equipment, the IDS can be rapidly reprogrammed in the field to change jamming waveforms, target frequencies and operating parameters. These settings are stored in a non-volatile memory which is activated automatically whenever the equipment is switched on. Settings can be rapidly erased via a button sequence on the front panel to zero critical data.