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ECM for EA


Key Features:

  • Modes include Constant jamming, Re-active jamming, deception and emulation
  • Up to 2 x 10W RF output power (1Kw external PA option for vehicles)
  • Full spectrum range coverage 20MHz – 6GHz
  • Scalable dual-use capability in EA & FP modes


BROADSHIELD MCS-EA is a compact, programmable and Modular Countermeasures Suite for Electronic Attack (EA) suitable for mounting on a range of Land and Maritime platforms as an integral part of an Integrated Electronic Warfare (IEW) solution.

Built on L3 TRL’s latest Advanced Processor Board technology MCS-EA utilises 2 units to cover the complete 20Mhz to 6Ghz threat spectrum. The unit contains an integral receiver, allowing it to scan target frequencies up to 3GHz. Complex deception can be achieved for use on operations or as part of a simulated training environment. EA can be conducted from a standalone system, or as part of a networked, coordinated attack, utilising up to 64 MCS-EA units at any given time.

BROADSHIELD MCS-EA offers true dual-use capability, with a simple firmware change enabling the operator to switch from Force Protection to Electronic Attack mode. When mounted with the HCS-EA unit, the system can allow use of either dedicated 50W power amplifiers or supplementary 1kW options. In vehicle mode it offers a powerful communications denial tool for conventional EW operations.