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Electronic Attack

Targeting and inhibiting specific frequency usage through the use of Electronic Attack (EA) or potentially offensive cyber is an integral part of any EA plan.

From conducting tasks in support of information operations, through to the denial of specific frequencies at critical moments of activity. This limits the decision making of adversarial leaders, whilst retaining the use of friendly communications.

Jamming mode – the ability to target and inhibit specific frequency usage across the EM spectrum is an integral part of any EA plan. From conducting tasks in support of Information Operations through to the denial at critical moments of activity, communication links between adversaries can be inhibited and an impact on command and control (C2) can be achieved. This erodes the decision making process of enemy commanders whilst retaining the use of vital friendly communications.

Deception mode – the deliberate emission of RF energy in a pre-determined manner can deceive or mislead adversaries from single or multiple coordinated locations. The transmission or retransmission of recorded signals in a reactive or pre-determined manner can be used to cause confusion or conflict within hierarchical radio networks, affecting the tempo of the adversary.

Receive mode – enables users to view all signals being used in the localised area, an FM/AM demodulator allows the user to listen in and intercept the adversary’s communications. Remote monitoring provides the reporting on detected signals and frequency logging creates an overall picture of the EM landscape which can be utilised for post-mission analysis.

Emulation mode – enables the training of friendly forces on what to expect when they come under EA. The emulation of multiple types of signals including the simulation of frequency hopping targets, spoofing of enemy signals and digital to analogue conversion enables the generation of complex signals in a flexible manner.